INCI NAME: Aqua (and) Pseudoalteromonas Exopolysaccharides (and) Citric Acid

Finact Hyamoise provides and immediate and a long-lasting moisturizing effect to the skin as well as an instant improvement in wrinkle appearance, in the same way as HA. It is a marine alternative to HA.


-          Possesses a higher and faster moisture retaining capacity than hyaluronic acid proving to retain 12.7% more water than the known moisturising agent in vitro.

-          Protects human keratinocytes from cold stress, increasing their viability up to 60.14%. Its protecting effect was higher HA.

-          Offers an increase of skin hydration superior to HA after 24 h, as it was seen in vivo where the improvement was 20.6%. It had 58.5% higher effect than HA.

-          Provides immediate moisture to the skin as proved in vivo, where it increases 36.8% and 30.8% skin hydration basal value 2 and 8 h after the treatment.

-          Presents a moisturising long-lasting effect showing an average of 37.2% of skin hydration increase 20 days after applying the cream containing this active ingredient.

-          Instantly improves wrinkle appearance as it demonstrated in vivo showing a wrinkle reduction of 11.15 and 8.4%, 2 and 8 h after the treatment respectively.


-          Finact Hyamoise can be incorporated in formulations where an immediate and long-lasting moisturising effect is needed such as sun treatments, creams and treatments which specially target dry skin, or night creams.

-          Thanks to its instant wrinkle appearance decrease it is also suitable for serums or treatments which look for a quick wrinkle reduction.


-          Finact Hyamoise can be formulated in the aqueous phase. In case of preparing an emulsion, it should be added once the emulsion is formed provide always that the temperature is below 40°C.

-          It is stable over a pH range between 3.0 and 8.0.


-          Strong oxidants (e.g. peroxides)


-          Finact Hyamoise is soluble in water.


-          A dosage of 1-10% of Finact Hyamoise is recommenced in final cosmetic formulations.

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