INCI NAME: Lactic acid, water


Fincid LAC is useful in rejuvenating the skin by encouraging the shedding of old surface skin cells. It can reduce irregular pigmentation, appearance of fine lines, age spots and decrease enlarge pores. It is suitable for first-time peel user and also for those who have sensitive skin. It can be used in peels, masks, cleanse, creams and lotions. For cream and lotion used at a lower concentration for a more gentle acid-based peel.


Used level 1-20%. Do not use Fincid LAC pure and undiluted: the solution is highly acidic and can lead to skin burns and irritation. When using this ingredient regularly in skin care products, the skin will be very sensitive to the skin and needs to be protected from the sun by wearing sunscreen protection.  Due to its acidity the final product needs to be tested for safe pH. The optimal pH range between 3.5-5.0. Some over the counter products, after adding Fincid LAC, will separate as a result of the low pH and need to be stabilized.

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PH 003 - FINCID LAC (Lactic Acid)

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