pH adjuster. Use level: 0.1% to 1.0% depends on the pH desired.


FINAD TEA is a weak base widely uses to adjust pH in cosmetic products. It is used as a buffering agent, in addition to its primary use as a pH adjuster. FINAD TEA is used in several of cosmetic and personal care products, hair care products, hair dyes, shaving products, sunscreens and skin care and skin cleansing products. FINAD TEA is also used conjunction with fatty acids to convert acid to salt, which is turn becomes the base for cleanser. FINAD TEA is clear to light yellow viscous liquid, soluble in water and oils.It can be added into FIN-TICK AC and FIN-TICK CBM to increase the pH; for pH adjustment on the finished products, add it at the final stage of formulations.

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PH 002 ~ FINAD TEA (Triethanolamine)

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