Glycerine Opaque Soap Base 
  • Creamy luxurious lather feel
  • Superb whiteness appearance
  • Excellent processing characteristic
  • Superior moisturizing skin effects
  • Luxurious lathering feel and eliminate dryness
  • Contain non animal derivatived ingredients
  • Complete biodegradable
  • Soap base with Halal certificate

 How to make Soap:

1) Melt soap base in double boiler or microwave over low heat

2) Allow the melted soap base to cool for 5 minutes

3) When using Fragrance oils/Essential oils, add 1 teaspoon to 450gm of base weight

4) Add in soap dyes or scrubs like luffa or rose petals.

5) Pour into soap casing & let it become hardened. Once Hardened, close the casing using casing sticker for hygienic

     purpose. Option using silicone mould.

     'Once soap has hardened, pop it out & seal the soap for keeping'


Shower Soap

Facial Wash Soap

Baby Cleansing Bar

Kid Soap/ Fancy Soap

Gift Soap


(Item will be subjected to 10% SST)  

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[1KG] Melt & Pour Glycerine Opaque/White Soap Base

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