INCI NAME: Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract


-          Finact Aquamarine, obtained through biotechnology from a marine Pseudoalernomonas strain, is ideal for oily and combination skin. It is the perfect biotechnological ingredient to reduce extra shininess, pores, spots and sebum.

-          Marine ECPS obtained through biotechnology that reduces the differentiation of sebocytes, implying less lipid content and sebum secretion to the skin surface.

-          Reduced the levels of MC5-R (a receptor only found in mature sebocytes) up to 36.6%.

-          Diminished the accumulation of sebaceous lipids up to 35.2% in differentiate sebocytes as well as sebocytes maturation, maintaining the typical morphological features of non-differentiated sebocytes.

-          Decreased lipid peroxidation (a market for cellular damage) up to 16.3%.

-          Reduces inflammation and raise anti-oxidative defences by regulating the expression of genes related to both processes, both benefits especially necessary in oily skin.

-          Induced type I collagen synthesis up to 128.4%, helping to minimize pores.

-          In Caucasion volunteers, reduced the number (20.5%) and total area (18.8%) of pores after 14 days and skin shininess (27.3%) and sebum rate (9.4%) after 28 days (5% Finact Aquamarine).

-          Decreased skin shine by 28.3 % immediately after the application of a BB cream, ensuring a mattifying effect along the day (2% Finact Aquamarie ingredient).

-          In Asian volunteers, the number and total aea of active follicles decreases by 9.5% and 27.7% in 28 days ( 3% Finact Aquamarine ingredient)


-          Finact Aquamarine is perfect ingredient to include in facial and body formulation thought to reduce excessive sebum production and minimize the undesired features of oily and combination skin. It can be incorporated into products not only for teenagers but also for adult women and men to decrease skin sebum, shininess and pores, also minimizing inflammation. It is also an ideal ingredient to be added in BB creams as a way to potentiate multifunctional formulations.

-          Additionally, due to its positives effect on skin firming elements (collagen), it can also be added in firming and anti-aging formulation for both men and women presenting oily and combination skin in order to enhance skin tightness.


-          Finact Aquamarine can be formulated in the aqueous phase of the formulations (emulsions, gels, creams, lotions..). In case of preparing an emulsion, it should be added at temperatures below 40°C.

-          Recommended pH range between 3.0 and 7.5 for Finact Aquamarine.


-          Oxidants


-          Soluble in water.


-          A dosage of 2-5% of Finact Aquamarine is recommended in final cosmetic formulations.

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