DIY Make You Own SOAP

Procedure of Processing Melt And Pour Glycerine Soap Base



1/ Choose the glycerine Soap Base Type

Example: Choose from here


a. Glycerine Transparent Soap Base

b. Glycerine Opaque Soap Base

c. SLS Free Transparent Soap Base


2/ Cut the Glycerine Soap Base into smaller pieces for faster melting process.


3/ Melt the Glycerine Soap Base in double boiler to avoid boiling the base.


4/ Gentle heating Glycerine Soap Base.

    Do not stir vigorously to avoid bubble incorporated into the base.

    Glycerine Soap Base should be completed melted at maximum temperature of



5/ Add in the addtives needed:

    Emollient such as vegetable oils

    Botanicals Extract

    Essential Oils




6/ For different additives in difference from:

a. If the addtives need to be melted, add it when you are melting the base.

b. If the additves need to be melted at higher temperature, melt it separately and incorporate it into the melted base.

c. Powders can clump. Scoop out a bit of base and make a paste with the powder. Incorporate this paste into the melted base.

d. Liquids may be added to the pot when you are melting the base.


7/ Gentle stirring while the additives added into the Glycerine Soap Base. Make sure the additives have been fully incorporate into the base.


8/ Pour the Glycerine Soap Base slowly into the moulds.

    Choose from here


9/ Allow the Glycerine Soap Base to solidify in the soap molds. As soon as it is cool and firm, you can take it in the shower or bath.